Minimalism update

Slowly and surely our house is beginning to come together. Now this has taken several months and we are still a work in progress, but I believe our desire for less and a house less cluttered is coming along. We do have an 8 year old and don’t force her to practice this, but we try to be role models as she definitely has hoarding tendencies.

Our pantry and refrigerator look amazing, although if you opened them up, you would think we haven’t gone to the store since we moved in. But I can see everything in my fridge and very little is thrown away at the end of the week which makes my heart happy and my wallet less empty. My pantry only has necessary items we use on a weekly basis and almost no junk. Now as a teacher I have enough coffee cups to sink a ship and need to handle that ASAP.

My bedroom needs some work and lets not talk about my closet. Anyone have suggestions on keeping clutter from resurfacing on my side table next to my bed? We already got rid of a whole room full of furniture, but we already have a another roomful ready to be donated. Which makes me happy!!

I am looking at doing the Project 333 challenge, but being a teacher my wardrobe is so diverse that I am not sure I can use just 33 items. Accessories and shoes for me are not the problem as I have maybe 5 pair I actually wear often and the same sentimental jewelry is all that graces me, but between the dress up days, spirit days, and costumes I wear, I need a whole another wardrobe just for that. I know Courtney says to make it your own, but I need to figure it out first. I truly only wear a handful of things on a normal basis, so I have a feeling this shouldn’t be that difficult for me.

I am happier to make things simple and even though this won’t be instant, I feel progress is slowly being made towards a more minimalist lifestyle.


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