Against the norm

Last night, I asked a load question to my husband? Why do religions hate each other? Now I am not saying that all do, but it seems to be the norm. Maybe hate is a strong word, maybe dislike is better in this context. Some people believe that there religion can’t be the right one and we must convert them to ours because it is better. Huh? Where does it say that Christianity is superior to all other religions or that Buddhism is wrong? Yes, some cultures have taken religion and modeled it to fit what they think is right or wrong, but again I am not talking about the minorities, I am talking about in general.

I am a Christian, but I have been meditating for a few months now off and on as a way to help me cope with my mental health. It is helping me to focus and find stability, but it was brought to my attention someone I knew were shocked I was doing this being a Christian because it is Buddhism. Uh what? Look up meditation, it takes on MANY forms and has many backgrounds. But again, what does it matter where it comes from if it is helping me with my mental health without the use of medication. And why does it matter to anyone?

I was upset for a moment, then realized it is the unknown that people are scared of, not just what meditation is. Must be some type of voodoo, uh no. It is a way to practice mindfulness or presence with yourself to be more present in the moment.

Maybe it comes from our beliefs that were taught to us to never stray from our religion or question it. Have I read about other religions? YES! Why? Because I am curious and always want to know more, but this has nothing to do with religion or beliefs. This has to do with helping myself find inner peace so that I can be a better wife, mother, teacher.

The last question I asked myself is why did I even care what this person thought? Why did I feel like I needed to validate myself? Why does it matter? Honestly, don’t we all become defensive against whatever we are doing or what is working for us, when it is the person’s inner problem that is making them lash out at anybody who is available.

For me, I will continue to do what works for me regardless of its background, continue to go against the norm to find my inner peace and find what feels good.

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