Do I have time to clone myself?

Nope and even then I couldn’t afford the surgery.

You see I take on way too much and then get overloaded and then get stressed out and then….breakdown and beat myself up that I can’t handle everything and that I should be superwoman. Yeah, I look cute in the costume, but at some point I need to admit to myself that no matter what I CAN NOT do it all. Easier said then done when you are a perfectionist.

For starters, Jean Stone won’t be out this year. I know, I am bummed too, but this year of teaching is longer, harder, and more challenging then the last plus with two preps, doesn’t leave me time at night to write much less handle any business. My family needs me too. Jean Stone is tentatively set for Summer 2020.

2nd, the big news, well that has to wait till next summer too, but that’s ok, just makes the suspense build.

3rd, my young adult book announcement will come soon so be sure you have subscribed to my social media and page to make sure you are the first to know about it all.

And lastly, Summer Fanatics will be back next weekend. I was under the weather and unable to record a video talking about our new topic.

Stay tuned………

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