Adventure is out there

My daughter and I took a last minute weekend vacation to Disney World. Just her and I! We went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, ate way too many pretzels, and toured Galaxy’s Edge. We had the time of our life. Along the way, I offered my assistance to quite a few strangers who needed help on their vacation. Giving tips, suggesting rides, and helping them book dining. Why? Because I eat sleep and breath Disney and have since I was 3.

The whole family are Fanatics even naming Lily “Roo” before we found out the sex of the baby. We sport Disney tattoos, own stuff animals, and dress up as our favorite characters. If you need a trip planned, I am your girl. I know how to scrimp, save, and get the most bang out of your buck on your Disney trip. I can tell you what restaurants to enjoy a good meal, places to skip, and rides that warrant fast passes. I know the tricks.

As a funny, I told Lily we should start a YouTube channel talking about our love of Disney and the Parks, maybe reviewing restaurants, rides, etc, from a mother daughter point of view. Well she jumped on the idea and this Saturday, our first episode will see the web. While we are a work in progress, it will be fun to talk with Lily about something we are both passionate about….Disney.

(AND its a good excuse to have to go to Disney more to make sure I stay up to speed on things. )

Stay tuned for The Summer Fanatics.

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