Part 3 – The deal

I began writing Book 2 shortly after I completed Book 1. It felt like the ideas were coming in rapid succession. My mind wanted to continue Jean Stone’s story. What had started with just one book was turning into a series of close to 20 when I was finished outlining. (It could be more).

While waiting to hear back, I began working on building my audience. Posting my poetry, exerpts from my book, and life’s daily occurences. What you see is me, I hold nothing back. At this point, I had decided to begin sending the manuscript out to other companies in hopes I could land a deal, I was warned this could take years. Oh well, I had nothing but time.

Mid-June, I got an inbox message on Instagram from Jordan at JSmith Publishing. “Hey would you like to publish your manuscript?” What? Of course, wait what was the catch. This had to be a mistake, things like this don’t happen to people like me. I just started! I had already been hit up by Vanity Publishing companies and wanted no part in any of that. So sadly I assumed this was the case, but my heart was interested to hear what he had to say. I spent a little talking to him and found out he lived in the same general area, he was a start up indie company, and he was looking to publish individuals to “jump start” their career. He gave me his spill about what his company entailed, but I told him  I want to meet in person, I want to read the contract, and I want to see for myself if this was real or not. I told the hubby you are coming along for backup.

June 27th came with my first rejection. The story was good, but not what they were looking for. Oh well, sorry about your bad luck. I toasted a drink to celebrate my first rejection and prepared for June 29th, the day I was to meet up with Jordan. I was all nerves, unsure of what would come of the day, but in my heart I knew that this was going to be a good day. I could feel it!

We decided to meet at the Barnes and Noble to talk shop over some coffee. My husband and I got a drink and sat down waiting. Up walks this young man who was just as nervous as I was. He introduced himself, made small talk, and sat down to give us his spill.

My non negotiables were already set. One, I didn’t want
to lose my rights to my book. Two, they needed to handle it all as with a full-time
teaching job, I am only able to work on things during breaks and weekends. Three, I
wanted a lot of control over my book and what I thought was best.

30 minutes later with all questions answered a contract was laid out in front of me. We went over it line by line and I realized in my heart, JSmith Publishing is where I wanted to publish my first book. He listened to my concerns, rested my fears, and from his eyes and words, I could tell he meant it when he said he wanted to make this series a success. I was taking a chance, but nothing happens in life if you don’t.

7 months later has seen my book trailer release, publicity for the 1st book, and a launch on February 22nd with a party on the 23rd. There has been so much behind the scenes work to make this dream a reality, but I am enjoying every moment as you only release your first book once. This has been a rollercoaster, but I have learned alot about the process and about myself. I do not know what to expect, but whatever happens I am truly grateful and blessed. Dreams really do come true.

Everybody is welcome to the party! If you are interested, please RSVP by January 31st!


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