My unconventional story

Since this is a place where you can get to know me. I will start off by telling my story on the road to publishing.

Years ago, a little girl wanted to be a country singer so she sat down and started writing her own lyrics. Fast forward 20 years later and we see that dream didn’t work out for me. That’s ok! My life has been an adventure. My life story is another piece for another time.

Writing has been something that I always enjoyed, even in college. Writing research papers was my strong suit. So much, I had a teacher who had me help her out in her classes my freshman year of college. She is now a fellow friend and mentor.

Last year, started out not so good for me. Life changes were dragging me down and I needed to find myself again after spending the last 13 years being a Navy Wife and mom. My return to Texas brought me my new career, a Biology teacher, but adjusting to normal life was becoming difficult for me. In March, I begin to go back to journaling my thoughts down as a way to cope with the difficult times. As I struggled to keep my life and marriage afloat, I decided to start an Instagram page where I could get my thoughts out away from family and friends. Just some place to vent and express my self.

In a normal conversation one day in early April with a fellow AP and mentor, we were talking about what we were passionate about in our lives. My first thought was science, I loved it, lived it, was raised with it, but my go-to was Forensics. I had started college to work in the Forensic field, spent many years studying it, but as I was attending college, the field was beginning to grow and options were limited for degrees. My path moved me to get a degree in Biology. As the years, went by I realized that dream was dead after I had my daughter. While I loved the field, the stress and harshness can be hard on family life. So as luck would have it, I got a job working as a background researcher for a local company in Vancouver Washington, spending 8 years working with private investigators, the courts, and different types of people. My career goal changed to become a teacher and maybe someday teach Forensics to students. (Still working on that one).

Now back to the story, as I was there talking about it to this friend. She made a comment that would change my life. She said, “I see you writing crime stories, a crime novel one day.” I looked and laughed at her like she had lost her mind. She told me, “Do you not enjoy writing?”. Why of course I did, but to write a novel. I loved John Grisham, James Patterson, and many other wonderful authors, but there is no way I could write as well as them. While I loved it and loved the crime genre, never had I thought to write a book. As I walked back to my classroom for my lunch break, I wondered to myself. Could I write a book? At that moment, I took out a notebook and begin to put words to paper. 6 weeks later, the first Jean Stone novel was born. Named after my precious grandmother, I was proud of my accomplishment. But the next thought was, where do I send this? What do I do? What if they hate it?

To be continued…..


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